March 25, 2010

The Daily Brief: Offense May Still Be Issue

Last Game
After the tape-delayed shutout fiasco against the Giants on Sunday, the Reds had some redeeming to do. And redeem themselves they did, drubbing the Giants 10-3. Jared Burton got the vulture win after blowing a save opportunity.

Next Game
Aaron Harang is the scheduled starter in a road game against the Colorado Rockies at 4:05pm EDT. He will be followed by Justin Lehr, Nick Masset, and a passel of minor leaguers with no chance of making the team this year.

The Reds Offensive Middle
The team did score 10 runs yesterday, but it was still not thanks to the heart of the lineup. The low averages and punchless production from Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips is getting some notice, but I have a feeling that both will come around. Of course, it should be no surprise that the team has trouble scoring runs. They were about the worst at that last year. Any slump from those in the middle could make for some long stretches.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Although certainly not to the apocalyptic Eric Milton levels, the Reds have a fly-ball happy starting rotation. In a “park that inflates home run rates by 12%”, that may not be the best accumulation of pitchers.

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