February 23, 2011

The Day After Tapping Volquez

As was announced yesterday, Dusty Baker surprised everyone by naming Edinson Volquez as the Opening Day starter for the Cincinnati Reds.

I was surprised at the news because it seemed premature. No games have been played yet, after all. Of course, given the Reds cast of terrible, terrible pitchers they’ve had start the season over the years–I’m looking at you Jimmy Haynes and Joey Hamilton–that first pitcher isn’t going to make or break the season. Plus, every starter on the team is better than those never-weres. Also, Baker had some excellent reasoning.

I did expect the other Reds fans to be upset about the pick.

  • Red Reporter, like me, seemed surprised by the early announcement, but didn’t look to deeply into it.
  • Redleg Nation reminds us that Baker also surprised everyone by picking Volquez to start the playoff series against the Philadelphia Phillies last year. Yeah, I know one game out of 162 matters far less than one out of three, but I do hope it turns out better than that.
  • Chris Sabo’s Goggles wonders if there’s more to the decision than meets the eye. He runs through the other candidates for the honor, namely Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto, and asks, “why reward someone the Opening Day start to someone who clearly doesn’t want to stay here?” Volquez did only sign a one-year deal, after all. Goggles’ comes to a good conclusion, though.
  • Lastly, Shawn also expressed surprise at the announcement. “It is an official recognition of Volquez as the ace going into 2011.” That it is. And I have a feeling it will turn out well.

So there you go. The Reds bloggers seem to have taken the news in stride. Color me surprised. And also, color me anxious for any baseball games to be played. Volquez starting Opening Day is too far away. But the first Spring Training game is less than a week away.

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