Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

Daily Brief: Changing of the guard

Last Game
It was a solid series, but the Reds just couldn’t put together the sweep last night as they lost to the Astros 3-5. Meanwhile, the Cardinals have been getting beaten up by the Mets, putting the Pittsburgh Pirates in second place when I woke up this morning.

Next Game
The Reds are off today; it’s their second off-day in less than a week. Tomorrow they host those second-place Pirates.

Innings Eater
It’s always one of those “how can time possibly go so fast?” moments when I realize how long Bronson Arroyo has been with the Reds. This is his seventh season with the team. A baby born when he came to Cincinnati would be enjoying the summer between first and second grade now.

He hasn’t set the world on fire in that amount of time, but has persistently put in work. So much so, in fact, that in the time he’s been with the team, Arroyo leads the NL in starts (211) and innings pitched (1,349).

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
It’s draft day! You can even tune in to see the selection of dozens of players who will never crack the bigs. It’s on MLB Network, and the Reds’ first pick will probably be around 8:20 p.m. ET