August 13, 2007

Episode 72: Does Trading Moeller Really Count?

Tomorrow is the big first day of school: I’ll be tearfully waving as my adorable baby climbs up on the bus and rides away to the official kid-dom that is first grade. Then I’ll fume at all the slow buses as I drive myself to work. Funny thing, this parenting.

Despite the fact that I need to get up early tomorrow to make a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls, the Crack Technical Staff and I decided to stay up late and record a short podcast. It seemed important, given all the high-impact moves the Reds have made lately, such as:

  • Trading Chad Moeller to the Dodgers for cash
  • Placing David Ross on the 15-day DL after he suffered a concussion in a collision with Mike Cameron
  • DFAing Mark Bellhorn on the strength of his big, fat 6 ABs
  • Bringing up Ryan Jorgensen to fill the role of second catcher on a team that so much loves to have three catchers

Plus there’s a quick tour through the standings (the Reds are getting perilously close to slipping back into last) and a brief discussion of the fact that we’ll be sitting next to the Bats’ bullpen when they’re in Indy tomorrow night. You won’t want to miss a single minute.

Episode 72: Does Trading Moeller Really Count? (17.3MB, 25:16)

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