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August 15, 2007


From Yahoo! Sports:

CHICAGO (AP) -- If Reds slugger Ken Griffey Jr. has his way, he won't be involved in another double switch.

Griffey was replaced on defense during a double switch in the eighth inning of Tuesday's 6-5 win over the Chicago Cubs. Griffey, who has won 10 Gold Gloves, was surprised by Reds interim manager Pete Mackanin's decision.

“It was the first (time in my career) and it will be the last,” he said before Wednesday's game against the Cubs.

Griffey, who ranks sixth on the career list with 590 career home runs, is hitting .274 with 27 home runs and 74 RBIs.

Them's mighty strong words from Griffey The Kid. I hope he just means that he's going to step up his defense.

Of course, if I were in Griffey's shoes, I might just enjoy coming out of the game and sit back with a cold one to watch the rest of the game. The uneducated masses of Reds fans are going to accuse him of doing just that anyway.