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August 24, 2007

Thanks and Good Luck, Bobby Livingston

Bobby Livingston is probably done for the season with a partially torn labrum in his pitching (left) shoulder. They haven't decided whether to operate, but if they do, that could take him out even longer.

Livingston has been a solid contributor to the Reds, though he did get roughed up pretty bad his last time out. Then again, with a partially torn labrum, maybe that's not so surprising.

He's currently on the 15-day DL and the team has brought back Mr. Sophomore Slump himself, Todd Coffey, to take his place. How in the world they think that Coffey fills the spot of the lefty starter who was scheduled to take the mound on Sunday, I cannot explain, but I'm hoping that Coffey has gotten his game together while with the Bats. He was going to be back with the team sooner than later anyway, as the minor league season is almost done.

Can you believe that? We're approaching our last month of baseball already. Time flies when you're constantly anticipating your team's next bonehead maneuver.

Sunday's pitcher is still up in the air. They're already having to recall Matt Belisle to start tomorrow. The options are many, and there isn't a standout choice. Hopefully the Reds' hot streak is so hot that it doesn't matter who they put on the mound in the same way that it didn't matter who they put in the outfield tonight.

August 24, 2007

T.V. Wouldn’t Lie to You–So Listen to George Grande