Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

That Eerie Feeling the Cubs Are Gonna Come Back to Win

Perhaps I've just been burned by the bullpen so many times that I can't even bear to get my hopes up when the Reds are up 5-2 on the Cubs in the bottom of the sixth, or maybe I really do have a sixth sense about these things. I *have* been kind of psychic lately.

On the other hand, when Aaron Harang is pitching, as he is tonight, he often doesn't give the bullpen much of a chance to lose the game for him, so maybe I'll be wrong this time.

We came back early from the Indians/Bats game tonight to get our new first grader to bed at a semi-decent hour. It was clearly already too late, as he's now refusing to sleep as he obsesses over the fact that 1) we won't let him sleep in our bed, and 2) we won't play musical chairs with him. Oh, the wonders of being 6.

Here's hoping it's not also too late for this game. Though our Reds retain the lead, the Jacque Jones homer that actually left the building isn't feeling too promising.