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August 11, 2007

Episode 71: The Eighth Inning Show

The whole family made it out to Cincinnati on Friday to take advantage of one of the games Reds Heads members could get into for free using the ticket vouchers they got with their $20 membership. And, as is our tradition, the Crack Technical Staff and I turned on the digital recorder in the eighth inning to record our thoughts on the game.

The game had not gotten truly ugly by the eighth, but we had plenty to complain about nevertheless. I can’t remember whether we mention the difficulty getting ketchup and mustard (we had to walk three sections away to find a partially functioning dispenser) or the all-Cub-Scout section where we were sitting (we were frequently showered with peanut shells being discarded, Reds Hall of Fame ballots being thrown in the air, and water from one of those fan sprayer things), but I know we complained about the choice of relievers, recent comments from Bob Castellini, and the team’s chances of contending in what remains of the season.

Episode 71: The Eighth Inning Show (12.5MB, 18:12)

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