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August 29, 2007

Episode 74: David Ross Is Dragging the Reds Down

I didn’t say it! It wasn’t me! Get off my freakin’ back, already!

Jonny, my beloved husband and Red Hot Mama’s own Crack Technical Staff, does not have the love for the Reds’ number one catcher and attributes their loss in the two games yesterday to his return from the DL. I think that’s probably going a bit far, myself, but I can’t deny that I loves to see the Latin Love Machine behind the plate.

Tonight on the podcast, in addition to the CTS’s ranting about the catching situation, we also rant about the management of the team, both on the field and in general. As it has been every single time an interim manager has done well, Red Hot Mama’s stance on the situation is to allow said interim manager to interview for the position, but not to remove the interim tag before the interviews. Will the team get it right this time? That alone is reason to keep watching.

Episode 74: David Ross Is Dragging the Reds Down (16.7MB, 24:21)

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August 29, 2007

Non Reds Thought of the Night

Lavar Burton has the golden touch. Everything he's ever done is fantastic.