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August 13, 2007

Episode 72: Does Trading Moeller Really Count?

Tomorrow is the big first day of school: I’ll be tearfully waving as my adorable baby climbs up on the bus and rides away to the official kid-dom that is first grade. Then I’ll fume at all the slow buses as I drive myself to work. Funny thing, this parenting.

Despite the fact that I need to get up early tomorrow to make a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls, the Crack Technical Staff and I decided to stay up late and record a short podcast. It seemed important, given all the high-impact moves the Reds have made lately, such as:

  • Trading Chad Moeller to the Dodgers for cash
  • Placing David Ross on the 15-day DL after he suffered a concussion in a collision with Mike Cameron
  • DFAing Mark Bellhorn on the strength of his big, fat 6 ABs
  • Bringing up Ryan Jorgensen to fill the role of second catcher on a team that so much loves to have three catchers

Plus there’s a quick tour through the standings (the Reds are getting perilously close to slipping back into last) and a brief discussion of the fact that we’ll be sitting next to the Bats’ bullpen when they’re in Indy tomorrow night. You won’t want to miss a single minute.

Episode 72: Does Trading Moeller Really Count? (17.3MB, 25:16)

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August 13, 2007

General Manager to Join Presidential Administration

WASHINGTON, DC -- Cincinnati Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky will become a member of the Bush administration, said White House Press Secretary Tony Snow in a press conference this afternoon.

“Mr. Krivsky's ability to keep even the most mundane details secret are a good match for this administration,” explained Snow. Krivsky is well known among Reds fans and the media for “playing close to the vest” when it comes to team activities, especially potential trades.

“Sometimes, it seems like even he doesn't know what's going on,” continued Snow. “And we like that.”

Like the Bush administration, Krivsky's approval rating is not as high as it once was, though he remains quite popular with some very wealthy Americans. Reds' owner Bob Castellini likes him very well, as do many other teams' owners and general managers, though for different reasons.

It's also likely that the success of moves such as the deal to trade Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez impressed the President.

“The fact that he sent them to Washington shows where his loyalties lie,” said Snow.