August 26, 2007

Game 130: Marlins 3, Reds 9

The Reds kicked some ass and continued their winning streak tonight. Their sixth consecutive win came over the Marlins, 3-9.

Tom Shearn got his major league debut with the start today. He went seven innings, allowing three runs (earned) on four hits and two walks. One starts and one win: that's getting off on the right foot.

Gary Majewski took over in the eighth, giving up zero runs on one hit. He even struck a guy out. The other Trade guy, Bill Bray, finished out the game, giving up zero runs on zero hits and a walk. And he struck out two. What the heck is up with all this competent relief pitching? It's like I don't even recognize my own team anymore.

Ryan Jorgensen, the lucky recipient of the backup pitcher spot since Javier Valentí was the lucky recipient of the starting spot since David Ross was the not-so-lucky guys to go on the DL, started today. Jogensen's start didn't just spell the LLM, but also took advantage of the fact that's he's been Shearn's regular catcher in Louisville. Convenient. Even more convenient: the grand slam he hit in the first inning. Yippee!

Brandon Phillips had a homer in the second inning, a two-run dealy to bring the Reds' lead to eight. Edwin Encarnación took his turn in the third inning, a solo shot that brought the score to where it would stay for the rest of the game 9-3.

The win brought the Reds record to 60-70. Not an awesome record overall, but they're the hottest team in the baseball at the moment. It's awesomely fun to watch, and I hate that they have another day off tomorrow. How many freaking Mondays will this team take off this month??

But when they get back to it on Tuesday, they're scheduled to play two against the Pirates. Why they aren't making up the game tomorrow instead, I don't know, but the Lizard versus Tom Gorzelanny for one of those two.

3 comments to “Game 130: Marlins 3, Reds 9”

  1. smartelf says:

    Hey RHM, what’s up? I know you’ve missed me the past several weeks. I have had no internet access until now… and I am back in Vegas and today is the first day in weeks I actually looked at the standings and I cannot believe what I am seeing. 750-1 are the odds on the Reds winning the World Series. The Red Sox by comparison are an even money bet. So if you bet $10 on the BoSox you get $10 back whereas if the Reds pull off the most unbelievable miracle in Baseball history since the Mets in 1969 you’d make a whopping $7500! I may have to throw some money down even though I know it is nearly an impossibility.

    Anyhow, one other thing worth mentioning is that I went completely berserk at a game we played against the Brewers when Majewski came in to relieve Belisle. I basically announced I was coming down to the field to personally execute Majewski. I was escorted out by several security personnel and Gary should be happy I am no longer in the State because I really despise that dude… but if he keeps pitching like he did yesterday I will be happy to have him on the team. ANYHOW, I was just drunk and being a die-hard pissed off fan… its been a long long summer.

    GO REDS!

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’ve never been escorted out of a game. I don’t even know whether I’ve really been drunk at a game. I haven’t mastered the art of sneaking in beers, I’m afraid.

    Jettisoned for threatening the pitcher. You must be so proud! 😉

  3. smartelf says:

    Actually they didn’t escort me I left on my own because I knew they WOULD escort me if I didn’t head for the exit… but they did follow behind me. I couldn’t help it RHM, Majewski should never be allowed to pitch for this team again but Krivsky is still trying to clear his conscience about THE TRADE.