May 2, 2005

A Little Trash Talk Never Hurt Anyone

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I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to watching the Cards go down in spectacular fashion tonight. They might be in first for the moment, but there's no way that aging outfield has the stamina for the long haul. “Experience” and “maturity” will soon translate to “old dudes hobbling around trying not to break a hip” for Walker, Edmonds, and Sanders. For their own health and safety, the prudent thing for them to do is trade in the cleats and take up bridge instead.

P.S. - Freel's been seeing a lot of playing time lately, so I hope your boy Nuñez is ready to spend the whole series on his ass in the dirt.

12 comments to “A Little Trash Talk Never Hurt Anyone”

  1. bellyscratcher says:


  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Cross-posted to bellitcher, link above:

    While we’re on introductions, Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Rich Aurilia is pleased to make your acquaintance. And perhaps next inning you’d like to give one up to Milton, too?

    Edmonds is looking *great*. Spinning around at the plate is really a good look for him.

    Oh, and one more time: what was that you were saying about Griffey a minute ago?

  3. bellyscratcher says:

    Ah, yes. That umpire-aided homerun that even the Reds announcers said was a blown call? Way to go!

    The Cards offense has been sucking the big one for quite some time. We need our asses kicked by a second-tier team like the Reds.

  4. bellyscratcher says:

    Seriously, please blow us out tonight.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Griffey was gonna score whether the umps helped or not. And I don’t see the umpires helping the rest of the line-up take your fellas to school.

    Second-tier! We just got our asses kicked by the Brewers! Face it: you’re getting whipped by the bottom of the barrel, baby.

  6. bellyscratcher says:

    Although, I will thank you for the two walks to lead off the top of the ninth. That was kind.

  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    I think your guys owe Weathers and Graves some cash after that performance. Merry Christmas; that was a gift!

  8. bellyscratcher says:

    I am in shock.

  9. bellyscratcher says:

    No sure thing without Izzy.

  10. bellyscratcher says:

    GREAT game! I knew the Reds could hit, but…man!

  11. Red Hot Mama says:

    It’s a ruse to lull your boys into a false sense of security. Tomorrow will tell the real tale!

  12. bellyscratcher says:

    Well, Marquis can sometimes get the yips, so tomorrow could be very interesting. But I think this game was just what the doctor ordred for my guys.