May 9, 2005

The Wonders of the Site Meter

One of the greatest pleasures I've derived from writing Red Hot Mama has been the information provided by the good folks over at Site Meter. I will stare at the graphs of the days of the week people visit, or pore over the details of the countries they came from and browsers they used, but by far my favorite is to check the referrals to see the search terms people use to make their way to my not-so-humble abode.

There are, of course, the people who just happen to search for terms that I happen to use. For example, people have made their way to Red Hot Mama by searching for information about those red contact lenses that Ken Griffey, Jr. has been trying out. Lately, it seems like I've been getting a disproportionate number of hits from words and phrases like Danny Graves, comments, and doofus.

More exciting for me is when it looks like someone has done a search looking specifically for me. Some of these searches might or might not be Mama-specific; for example, when a person searches for Austin Kearns + hair, there's no way for sure to know that they're looking for my site, but on the other hand, who else in the world is talking about Kearns' hair? Other times, it's quite clear, like a search for Hot Mama + Cincinnati. In these latter cases, probably people are Googling to find me because my URL is too lame and generic to memorize, but I like to hold onto the idea that there are people out there talking me up to their friends, family, coworkers, and total strangers, encouraging them to search out the new wisenheimer lady-blogger for the Reds. That would be fantastic.

With a name like Red Hot Mama, of course, a steady number of the hits I receive come from searches that were obviously intended to result in porn. I get a surprising number of hits from the ungrammatical search string hot womans, though hot assed woman, hot red heads, and pitchers of hot woman bring in their share too. And soon they'll start bringing in even more, now that I've gone and actually listed those phrases in a post.

I can understand why my blog would appear in the results for such a search, but what I can't understand is why a person who was obviously looking for porn would click on it. The description of my blog would not exactly mislead a person to believe that this is a place where you're going to see a lot of pictures of naked ladies (there's another porn search I'll start appearing in the results of).

So what goes on here? A guy out there in less-than-pants is looking to check out some hot red heads and notices in his search results the description “A Smart-Assed Woman's Perspective on the Cincinnati Reds” and think to himself “hey I could go for some fake baseball news about now. I guess I'll just zip back up here.” Even scarier, maybe he's NOT zipping back up. You never know. Austin Kearns' hair is pretty hot.

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