May 23, 2005

Danny Graves Designated for Assignment

I had a killer fake story planned about Graves, but in light of recent events, it seems too mean to post. I'll have to wait until someone else misbehaves themselves in public and use the idea for them instead.

You're probably not surprised that I think this was the right decision. Nevertheless, I'm going to miss Gravy. Not the Gravy of 2005 so much, but the Gravy of the past four years who was one of the building blocks in the foundation of my fandom. I think he's a swell guy, and I wish him the best of luck in his career and life.

That being said, it's time to get ready for tonight's game. A whole new series awaits.

Go Reds!

2 comments to “Danny Graves Designated for Assignment”

  1. Dr. Johnson says:

    Red Hot Mama is a prophet set down from that "Big Red Machine Lover" in the sky! She nailed the Graves story…Wow that’s sort of a turn on!

    I predict Graves is DONE! What does he have to offer a Major League Ball Club?
    A 85 mile an hour fastball? You normally don’t see a guy lose it so quickly, but he is now just like the rest of us… a "Major League want-a be’s"

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    What’s up, doc,
    Go tell it on the mountain, my brother. If the Reds are going to use my ideas, seems like they ought to give me a huge salary and generous benefits package. Hell, I’d take a free chili dog.

    I expect we will see Graves again, though. In fact, we’ll probably play him and give it up to him big time, just for old time’s sake.