August 19, 2005

An Excerpt From a Conversation About a Game I Missed

I missed tonight's game for an appointment. When I was finally ready to come home, I called Jon to check in, and the following conversation ensued:

Jon: Hello?
RHM: Hi, honey. I'm finally done. I'm on my way home.
Jon: Great. You want to know the score?
RHM: (with trepidation) Um…sure.
Jon: 17-3.
RHM: Holey crap.
Jon: Yep.
RHM: Let me guess who scored the three. Let's see, Lopez, Kearns, and LaRue.
Jon: Nope.
RHM: Who then?
Jon: The Diamondbacks.
RHM: Oh. You meant 17-3 the good way.
Jon: Yep.
RHM: Holey crap.

Wowza. Let's see more of that tomorrow.

I hear Austin Kearns contributed two three-run home runs, which matches the RBI total of that three home run night I got to see while he was at Louisville, as I recall.

Speaking of Kearnsy, check out this rambling essay by John Sickles at Minor League Ball (thanks to Shawn for making its existence known). While you're there, ponder a point that seems to have been missed by Mr. Sickles and his responders: the difference in Kearns' performance pre- and post-send-down. With Kearns' recent return to form, it's easy to forget just how abysmal his start to the season was.

Which just makes his recent awesomeness all the more awesome, IMO.

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