September 14, 2005

Thank You, Everyone

A few thank yous to send out to you, my posse:

  • Thanks to everyone for dropping by today. It's been great to meet you all. Don't be a stranger.
  • Thanks to all the people who've sent people my way by linking and emailing to the posters. The world is a little less motivated thanks to your efforts.
  • btezra's comments over at Reds and Blues remind me to thank the great men and women who took the photos in the previously mentioned posters and made them available online. We really appreciate your contribution. If you are the owner of one of said photos and would like your proper attribution, please drop me a line, and I'll get you a specific thank you above and beyond this blanket thank you that I am in the course of giving right now.
  • Thanks to Bellyscratcher for agreeing to come over tonight and make fun of the Cubs online while we watch the game. Feel free to stop by if you'd like to poke Dempster in the eye for ceasing to suck as soon as he left the Reds.

Speaking of, I'd better get things ready around here. Smack-talking fake news on the Cubs coming up next.

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