September 22, 2006

In a Perfect World

Just think: if all games were only five innings long, the bullpen wouldn't have a chance to blow the lead!

Admittedly, the Reds would be shut out more often than not. Baby steps.

5 comments to “In a Perfect World”

  1. sukr says:

    Sitting in a booth at the Machine Room with RHM, The Crack Technical Staff, And RR’s Ohiobobcat.

    Will we get the game in? Stay tuned.

  2. KittyDuran says:

    So that’s where you guys were hiding out right before the game!

  3. ohiobobcat says:

    Last night’s game was rare. The most errors by the Reds in 35 yrs. Of course RR and RHM nation were there to witness it firsthand. Beauty.

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    And yet not a single error from Dunn. Sure, he had only some two chances all night, but I thought he was a weak defender.

  5. KC2HMZ says:

    Now that it’s all over with, though, does anyone really think the Reds would have been better off with Dunn at first and Wily Mo in left?