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March 6, 2007

ST Game 6: Reds 3, Rays 1

The Reds continued their spring training winning streak today as they beat out the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1.

Eric Milton was back on the mound again and, thankfully, performing better than his last time out. In his three innings he allowed one run (earned) on two hits and an HBP. He even struck a guy out.

Matt Belisle took over for the next three innings and held the Rays scoreless on four hits and a walk for the win. Love Shack struck out two in the scoreless seventh, and Victor Santos held down the fort in the eighth and ninth for the save.

Now's the part where I'm having trouble reading the box score. The Reds scored three, but only Adam Dunn is credited with an RBI. I assume that means the other two scored on the Rays' error, but then again, the game recap says that Alex Gonzalez knocked one in with a single. There don't appear to have been any home runs this game, which I believe is the first game of the spring in which the Reds have not homered.

It's small ball, baby.

The win brings the Reds spring training record to 6-0. Tomorrow they stop facing the Pirates and Rays of the world and pit themselves against some real competition in the New York Yankees. Bobby Livingston, I presume, will be going for the Reds.

March 6, 2007

Reds Pitchers and Their Hair

Ramón Ortiz leaves the Reds and suddenly their pitching is better. Coincidence? Of course not! After all, he's not around to cut off their beautiful locks anymore! These coifs are the topic of a post over at the MLB Fanhouse where our favorite Pirates blogger, Pat Lackey, is covering the entire NLC:

the Reds have no fewer than three pitchers that have shunned having their hair shorn this off-season.

Each of the three has gone for a bit of a different look. Bronson Arroyo has his typical bleach blonde, straightened look that would get his ass kicked at every single high school in America. Homer Bailey has the “I care, but not nearly as much as Bronson does” look. And Paul Wilson has the “Dude, I toured with Zepp in '72 and we didn't use conditioner then so I don't see why I should now” thing going on under his cap.

I remember when Paul Wilson rolled into spring training last season with that hair. He made some sort of comment about how, when he was ready to perform like a real pitcher, he'd cut it all off to look like a real pitcher. Alas, the hair remains.

Homer Bailey's story is a little different. He's just a kid, after all, and he's probably just following the trends. All the boys seem to be sporting that rag-a-muffin look these days.

As for Bronson Arroyo, I imagine he just thinks it looks pretty.

March 6, 2007

Episode 49: Reds Preview with Us

We’ve been interviewing NLC bloggers for weeks now to get previews on the competition in 2007, and this week it’s time for a little introspection. The Crack Technical Staff and I use this week’s program to discuss what we think are the biggest transactions of the off-season, the likely roster, and how the team will fare in the coming season.Here’s our projected roster, BTW:

Starting Rotation (5)

Jon won’t even let me bring up the topic of Homer Bailey (though I do anyway in the show), but I agree that he’s not likely to make the team on Opening Day.

Bullpen (6)

It is with some bitterness that I note the absence of Gary Majewski. Not that I’m anxious to get him back on the mound or anything.

Catchers (3)

I actually can see some benefit to carrying three catchers, but not this way. 1) The Reds already have emergency back-ups in Scott Hatteberg and Ryan Freel, and 2) the benefit of having a third catcher does not outweigh the loss suffered by taking up a roster spot that one of our other promising hopefuls could be using.

Infielders (6)

Conine’s already hurt, but the Reds’ management’s love of old dudes might get him on the Opening Day roster anyway. In either case, you sort of wonder whether it’s really worth it to take the ABs away from Hatteberg. I mean, it was one thing with Rich Aurilia last season, but this is a totally different situation.

Outfielders (5)

Dunn’s set in left field, but any of the rest of those guys could play center or right on any given day. And knowing Jerry Narron’s love of changing around the line-up, they probably will all play everywhere.

We also find some time for news from around baseball:

Episode 49: Reds Preview with Us (29.2 MB, 42:37)

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