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March 23, 2007

3/24 Reds versus Phillies

We'll be heading straight to Ed Smith Stadium from the Sarasota airport when we arrive in Florida tomorrow, so I'm putting up a game thread way, way early. C. Trent will probably have a line-up, but not yet.

The Reds got their asses handed to them tonight by the Devil Rays, of all teams. (Though, to be fair, the Rays have been quite hot lately.) Theoretically, they'll be facing stiffer competition tomorrow when the Phillies come to town, but they'll also have the benefit of a Mama's love in the stadium, so hopefully it will more than even out.

If any of you readers are going to be at Ed Smith tomorrow (or for any of the games in the next week) be on the lookout for me. You won't be able to miss the glint of the sun off my lily white skin on the first base side.

March 23, 2007

3/22 Reds at Rays

As usual, C. Trent has the line-up:

Ryan Freel CF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Brandon Phillips 2B
Josh Hamilton RF
David Ross C
Juan Castro DH
Chris Denorfia LF
Mark Bellhorn 1B
Enrique Cruz 3B

Though there may well be subs in by now, late as I am posting about it.

In addition to taking off for vacation tomorrow, we've also just listed our house with a new real estate company with the understanding that our house is available for showings the whole time we're gone. So, today not only have I been collecting stuff together to pack, I've been getting the house “show ready.”

Since people who are checking out houses with the knowledge that the owners are a thousand miles away probably feel more free to open closets and poke around in bathrooms, I've felt the need to get everything super-clean. I'm sort of weird like that.

It's been at tired day, but I really feel like I've earned my trip to Sarasota now.

March 23, 2007

Tony LaRussa Takes Cues from Ryan Freel

A proud man. Add one more to your file of NLC spring training DUI arrests: Tony LaRussa was arrested Wednesday night when he fell asleep at a stoplight while driving with a 0.093 BAC.

I think this suddenly puts his decision to wear sunglasses every night into a much more sinister light.

March 23, 2007

The Signs of Spring

Spring is finally here. The robins are returning. The daffodils are pushing their way toward the sun. And the new Cincinnati Reds blogs are appearing on the scene. Will any of them have the staying power to last until next spring? You'll have to read and find out.

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