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March 30, 2007

ST Game 27: Twins 10, Reds 2

The guys coming to work

Since this game is a day old and Opening Day is painfully close, it's clearly old news. Plus, it was a horrible, painful loss. So, here's the pictures with little-to-no commentary. I hope to have the photos from today's game up later.

Arroyo gets ready

Isn't this a cool picture? The CTS might as well have lined him up to have a halo. But that's really much more like something that Church of Baseball would do.

Grumpy old men

This is a picture of Jeff Conine chatting with Jerry Narron. What do you think they're talking about? Strategy for the game? Golf scores? Their favorite recipes for prunes?

Sarasota Reds Ralli Gator

Mr. Red and the Sarasota Reds' mascot Ralli Gator were very much available throughout the games this week. My son really liked the Gator, especially when he plopped himself down in seats near us to entertain the nearby children. Does make you wonder though: what did they do with The Gapper?

Paul Janish tosses

Paul “Soft J” Janish tossed to get ready for his appearance in this photo. He hung around after today's game to sign autographs, including my son's Smokey the Bear baseball. They were the free giveaway, and we did take time to talk about campfire safety. We did not talk about the fact that RHM's primary freebie is a book of matches.

I want a catcher, not a Billy Hatcher

Billy Hatcher chats with Dewayne Wise here. Hatcher has been a crowd favorite lately, making trips to the wall to chat with the fans.

The End

The CTS took this photo. I claim no responsibility.

This game kinda sucked. It'll be good to move on to today's game instead.

Reds lose. Boo.
March 30, 2007

The Reds Rocket

If you're up for the wackiest commentary on the Reds since Red Hot Mama, check out The Reds Rocket.

Finally, you too can know the secret to why The Latin Love Machine won't be learning to play the banjo any time soon.

March 30, 2007

Hopper Might Be Visiting the DL

So says John Fay:

Outfielder Norris Hopper will not be coming north with the Reds.

“He might be DLed,” Jerry Narron said.

Does that mean Chad Moeller gets the last spot for a position player?

“He's got a good chance,”Narron said.

Hopper will go on the DL and stay here to rehab. Dewayne Wise also make the trip to Dayton, so there a chance he could make it if the Reds decide they need an outfielder. Remember, Ryan Freel hasn't played since he hit the wall in Clearwater. He is in the lineup today.

So I guess that leaves us with just Jeff Conine to back up the outfield, which is super-awesome. When Griffey hurts himself this season, I hope they realize they're not going to be able to do their normal screwing around pretending he's day-to-day for two months before putting him on the DL. They're going to need that roster spot immediately.