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March 26, 2007

Uncle Miltie Goes to School

Perhaps not Milton's favorite venueAs we pulled into the Ed Smith complex today, we noticed a minor league game going on in one of the practice fields. It looked like the Pirates.

In fact, it was some guys from the Pirates' organization. A-level, I guess. However, Eric Milton was pitching for the Reds, getting his work in. John Fay has the details:

Eric Milton gave up five home runs in six innings to the Single-A Pirates. He gave up 11 hits and threw 93 pitches. The wind was blowing out, but it was less than 100 mph.

You can't put much stock in the spring stats, and Single-A players swing from the heels against a big leaguer, but Milton is becoming PR nightmare for the Reds. Matt Belisle has a 2.08 ERA; Bobby Livingston has a 1.23 ERA and one of them is going to start the year in Triple-A. Milton is 16-23 with 5.89 ERA in two years with the Reds and he's getting a spot on track record.

Rumor has it that the Reds are still actively looking for pitching (yeah, but who isn't?). Maybe they're not looking for yet more competition in the fifth slot, huh?

March 26, 2007

3/26 Reds Versus Red Sox

We're just about to head off to the game, so be on the lookout for more photos forthcoming. Josh Katzowitz filling in for C. Trent has the line-up:

CF Ryan Freel
LF Adam Dunn
2B Brandon Phillips
RF Ken Griffey, Jr.
3B Edwin Encarnación
1B Scott Hatteberg
SS Alex Gonzalez
C David Ross
P Bobby Livingston

I guess Hatteberg is feeling better, and I'm glad to hear it. We do not need Dunn trying to fill in at first again.

In other news, Mark Bellhorn was cut today and has a couple days to decide whether he wants to accept minor league assignment. Also cut were Ryan Jorgenson, Anderson Machado, and Dewayne Wise.

March 26, 2007

Marty’s Golf Game

Marty is working on his short gameYesterday the Reds were in Dunedin facing the Blue Jays, so, like the seasoned reporter I am, I skipped the away game and screwed around in Sarasota instead.

After putting up several photos from the game on Saturday, we headed to The Broken Egg for brunch and it was off to the Mote Aquarium to go on a nature boat ride. The ride didn't leave until 4:00, so it was off to the Smuggler's Cove miniature gold course for some wacky putt-putting fun before our boating adventure.

It's our annual tradition to putt putt at Smuggler's Cove, but this year was something special because that's where we spotted Marty Brennaman. He's working on his short game, I guess. I said hi and mention it here and now it's a business expense. Gotta love it.

Today and every day from here on out we're back to the baseballing. I'll continue to post photos about them, though my unbelievably pathetic showing in the Sports Illustrated poll has me wondering whether anyone even cares. Oh well--it's an honor just to be nominated, right?