March 26, 2007

Marty’s Golf Game

Marty is working on his short gameYesterday the Reds were in Dunedin facing the Blue Jays, so, like the seasoned reporter I am, I skipped the away game and screwed around in Sarasota instead.

After putting up several photos from the game on Saturday, we headed to The Broken Egg for brunch and it was off to the Mote Aquarium to go on a nature boat ride. The ride didn't leave until 4:00, so it was off to the Smuggler's Cove miniature gold course for some wacky putt-putting fun before our boating adventure.

It's our annual tradition to putt putt at Smuggler's Cove, but this year was something special because that's where we spotted Marty Brennaman. He's working on his short game, I guess. I said hi and mention it here and now it's a business expense. Gotta love it.

Today and every day from here on out we're back to the baseballing. I'll continue to post photos about them, though my unbelievably pathetic showing in the Sports Illustrated poll has me wondering whether anyone even cares. Oh well--it's an honor just to be nominated, right?

6 comments to “Marty’s Golf Game”

  1. joeberk says:

    I wouldn’t put any stock on the poll. I mean, it says right there that

    [quote]This poll is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general nor the public as a whole.[/quote]


  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Aw, heck, I’d take the intelligent, active group we get around here than the faceless masses any day.

    But that 1%–ouch! Is that even as big as the margin of error?

  3. nm7 says:

    No way – there can’t be other blogs! I haven’t read the others but this one is a great source of information. Keep up the great work RHM and CTS!

  4. smartelf says:

    I was quite certain “Poll” was going to be renamed here at RHM “The Dick Pole”… but maybe I got the wrong information on that particular blog rumor.

  5. Redsfan68 says:

    I voted for you !! Now you’re up to 2%

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    nm7 – Aw, shucks. Thanks. 🙂

    smartelf – That was the title of the first poll. Perhaps we should name ALL of the polls in honor of our pitching coach. That should convince the voters!

    Redsfan68 – You made all the difference, man. Thank you.