June 1, 2011

10 Days till Blog Jog 2011

Well, that was teh suck.
run number 12
Our Milwaukee trip did include one day of running for 20 minutes on the treadmill (by far the longest amount of time I’ve run continuously) but then we decided to take the next day off for sightseeing. Then the next day was a travel day and we weren’t home till 10:30. Then the next day we had to catch up on work and got home late. Three days of “rest” only without the actual rest part.

So, wouldn’t you figure after just 8 minutes of running this morning, someone would jab a nail through the right knee of my voodoo doll, rendering the rest of our badass run a pathetic walk? Tomorrow, ibuprofen all the way.

If you haven’t been following this category of content for the last couple weeks, I should let you know that all this bitching and moaning about running, while seemingly misplaced on a sassy baseball blog, is actually intentional and not entirely narcissistic as we are training for the Blog Jog. You, too, can sign up for the Blog Jog and get in on all the bellyaching-about-running fun. All you have to do is:

1. Go to http://reds.com/5k to register for the Redlegs Run.
2. Email [email protected] to say you’ll be at the Blog Jog events before and/or after the run.
3. Go to Cafe Press to order your Red Hot shirt, in styles for women or men.

That last step isn’t strictly required, but it’d make me super-happy. You pay to register for the run, but there’s no additional charge for hanging with the bloggers.

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