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November 3, 2011

The Firing of the Cubs Manager and the Search

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs fired manager Mike Quade.

The move wasn’t exactly a surprise, considering the Cubs had just brought in Theo Epstein to be the new general manager. New GMs often want to clear house and start fresh, but since Epstein hadn’t done that when he started his job with the Boston Red Sox, I wondered if he’d hang on to the existing manager for one season. I guess not.

Quade managed the Cubs for just one full season–2011–and part of 2010. His overall record was 95-104. The Cubs finished 5th both years he was manager.

With him removed, the Cubs, just like the St. Louis Cardinals, will be conducting a managerial search. All Cubs fans’ thoughts immediately turned to Ryne Sandberg. But Epstein squashed that idea quickly.

The managerial search process begins immediately. We are looking for someone with whom and around whom we can build a foundation for sustained success. The next manager must have leadership and communication skills; he must place an emphasis on preparation and accountability; he must establish high standards and a winning culture; he must have integrity and an open mind; and he must have managerial or coaching experience at the major league level.

Yeah, that “major league level” experience bit? That rules out Sandberg. But one person it doesn’t leave out is former interim Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Mackanin. Mackanin will be interviewing with Chicago on Friday.

And if he gets the job, given how the Reds lied to him before sneakily hiring Dusty Baker, there might be some karmic payback coming. I wish Mackanin the best. I think he’s an interesting guy and wouldn’t have minded seeing more of him with the Reds.