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November 25, 2011

Ryan Braun Wins MVP; Votto Sixth

Earlier this week, MLB announced the winner of the National League’s Most Valuable Player award. We all knew that Joey Votto would not be repeating for the Cincinnati Reds, thanks to their craptastic year. But we all wondered where he would place and how many votes he’d get.

As expected, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun won the award. And Votto placed sixth.

  1. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee -388
  2. Matt Kemp, L.A. Dodgers -332
  3. Prince Fielder, Milwaukee -229
  4. Justin Upton, Arizona1-214
  5. Albert Pujols, St. Louis–166
  6. Joey Votto, Cincinnati–135
  7. Lance Berkman, St. Louis–118
  8. Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado—69
  9. Roy Halladay, Philadelphia–52
  10. Ryan Howard, Philadelphia—39
  11. Jose Reyes, N.Y. Mets—31
  12. Clayton Kershaw, L.A. Dodgers–29
  13. Shane Victorino, Philadelphia—18
  14. Ian Kennedy, Arizona—16
  15. Cliff Lee, Philadelphia—12
  16. Hunter Pence, Houston-Phi.—10
  17. Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco—7
  18. John Axford, Milwaukee—7
  19. Michael Morse, Washington—5
  20. Carlos Beltran, N.Y. Mets-S.F.—3
  21. Miguel Montero, Arizona—2
  22. Yadier Molina, St. Louis—2
  23. Starlin Castro, Chicago—1
  24. Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta—1
  25. Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia—1
  26. Mike Stanton, Florida—1

Votto was on a majority of the ballots, and I might quibble with him finishing lower than Prince Fielder–who is grossly overrated, in my opinion–but it’s still nice to see him getting some love. He’s very, very good, and I’m going to enjoy his time as a Red as long as it lasts. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be wearing my Votto jersey this weekend at RedsFest.