June 6, 2012

Cincinnati Reds second day draft picks

The second day of the draft has less pomp and circumstance than the first, and a lot more picks as well. Still, you must memorize their names so that, in four or five years when one of them busts out, you can say you had a good feeling about them back when they were drafted.

2nd round – Tanner Rahier
Shortstop; bats left; throws left
Age:18 HT:6-2 WT:205
Palm Desert High School (Indian Wells, CA)

3rd round – Daniel Langfield
Right-handed pitcher
Age:21 HT:6-1 WT:210
University of Memphis

4th round – Jonathan Moscot
Right-handed pitcher
Age:20 HT:6-3 WT:205
Pepperdine University

5th round – Mason Felt
Left-handed pitcher
Age:18 HT:6-3 WT:185
Hebron Christian Academy

6th round – Joseph Hudson
Catcher; bats right; throws right
Age:21 HT:6-0 WT:205
University of Notre Dame

7th round – Beau Amaral
Center fielder; bats left; throws left
Age:20 HT:5-10 WT:180

8th round – Seth Mejas-Bream
Third baseman; bats right; throws right
Age:21 HT:6-2 WT:210
University of Arizona

9th round – Daniel Pigott
Left fielder; bats right; throws right
Age:22 HT:6-2 WT:180
University of Florida

10th round – Jeremy Kivel
Right-handed pitcher
Age:18 HT:6-2 WT:205
Spring High School (Spring, TX)

11th round – Nolan Becker
Left-handed pitcher
Age:20 HT:6-6 WT:225
Yale University

12th round – Brent Peterson
Shortstop; bats right; throws right
Age:19 HT:6-0 WT:180
Bakersfield Junior College

13th round – Matthew Boyd
Left-handed pitcher
Age:21 HT:6-3 WT:225
Oregon State University

14th round – Luke Moran
Right-handed pitcher
Age:20 HT:6-1 WT:200
Grayson County Junior College

15th round – Bennett Klimesh
Right-handed pitcher
Age:21 HT:6-4 WT:220
Trinity University

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