June 21, 2012

Daily Brief: Reds on wrong end of broom

Last Game
Swept. Two series ago, the Reds swept the Indians while playing in Cincinnati. Yesterday, they gave up the trifecta to the Indians in Cleveland, and didn’t even look good doing it.

The final score was 1-8, and the only solace the Reds can take is that they would have lost only 1-5 if not for the most blatant missed call of the decade in the 7th inning. Frankly, that’s not very good solace.

I’m disgusted and already tired of talking about it. Moving on…

Next Game
The Reds have the day off today before starting up a series against the Twins on Friday. Homer Bailey (5-4, 4.03 ERA) takes on Nick Blackburn (3-4, 7.48 ERA). The Twins are sporting a 27-40 record right now, so the Reds had better put the hurt on them.

Worth Watching (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now)
The July 14 game between the Reds and the Cardinals has been selected for national broadcast. Since FS Ohio can no longer air it, they’re picking up the day game on June 27 instead. So, if you have access to a t.v. next Wednesday, you can use it to get a little mid-day baseball fix.

If it seems like this is happening a lot lately, there’s good reason. The Reds television ratings are among the top 3 teams in MLB: the Cardinals, Tigers, and Reds are all within 0.1 rating point of each other.

With numbers like those, the Reds might consider renegotiating their television contract. Gotta pay Votto.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
While Scott Rolen is an important veteran presence on the the Reds, he is not the oldest player on the roster. Born April 4, 1975, he is 11 months younger than Miguel Cairo, born May 4, 1974.

1 comment to “Daily Brief: Reds on wrong end of broom”

  1. Zeldink says:

    The Cleveland series was so very ugly. It’s nice that they get to play the Twins next. Minnesota is fielding a horrible, just horrible, team this year. I mean, they’re giving the Cubs a run for their money in suckiness, although at a fraction of the price.

    If playing the Twins doesn’t get the team back on track, I’m not sure what will.