June 19, 2013

Todd Frazier featured in MLB rule quiz

Frazier swinging

You know you’ve made it to the big time when your name gets mentioned in ESPN quizzes.

ESPN went out in search of some of the most obscure scenarios that can happen in a baseball game, created hypothetical situations with real player names, and set it all to the tune of a quiz you can take to test your knowledge of MLB rules.

I liked it because the very first question features hypothetical Todd Frazier:

1) The Phillies have Ben Revere on second base and no outs when Michael Young hits a shot to Reds third baseman Todd Frazier, who is playing at normal depth. On the pitch, Revere attempts to steal third and is hit by the batted ball while sliding into the base. Even though Revere was on third base when struck by the batted ball, he should be called out because he interfered with Frazier and kept him from making a play. True or false?

You can take the quiz for yourself on ESPN.com. My 1 out of 10 score suggests that you decide which answer makes the most sense and then choose the other one.

1 comment to “Todd Frazier featured in MLB rule quiz”

  1. smoothitron says:

    I was shocked that you’re out if you’re hit by a batted ball even if you are still on base.

    But then later NOT out if the ball has already passed an infielder and no other infielder has a chance at making a play.

    Who came up with this crap?