March 9, 2007

Reds Vs. Indians 3/9

Woo-hoo! My turn to start a game thread. Sweet.

The lineups, as always, provided by C.

Sizemore CF
Francisco RF
Dellucci LF
Garko 1B
Blake 3B
Shoppach C
Rouse 2B
Rivas SS
Adam Miller P

Freel CF
Hamilton RF
Encarnacion 3B
Dunn LF
Conine 1B
Gonzalez SS
Ross C
Arroyo P

Brandon Phillips was originally going to be playing 2b, but was a late scratch. Even so, this is a lineup we might have to get used to during the season this year.

167 comments to “Reds Vs. Indians 3/9”

  1. smartelf says:

    So you come in after a night of heavy partying and get an IV and you are good to go, right?

  2. BubbaFan says:

    Apparently, the LLM jumped a lot higher than anyone knew he could.

  3. smartelf says:

    Yeah Stewart laughed about Javy’s leaping ability…

    As for the IV thing, I never advocated it, I just said I’ve seen it done in football. I assume the trainers know what they are doing to avoid the possibility of infection, but I agree it should probably only be used in extreme situations, like if a guy is cramping from dehydration or clearly low on fluids. Otherwise a cup of gatorade should do the trick.

  4. smartelf says:

    The way Freel runs around though (and parties in his spare time), he is probably a candidate for the IV.

  5. smartelf says:

    Dickerson at 1B one out, Denorfia at the plate.

  6. smartelf says:

    Pop out to SS. bellhorn at bat.

  7. smartelf says:

    Bellhorn hits it hard but just foul off the 1B line… crowd didn’t like the call.

  8. smartelf says:

    Called strike 3. 7 innings in the book, Indians up by 4 runs.

  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    We need a Bubba home run to put the Reds back in this game.

  10. smartelf says:

    Brad Salmon pitching for the Reds. Groundout to Bellhorn.

  11. smartelf says:

    Line Drive caught by SS gil. Casey Blake now batting.

  12. smartelf says:

    Ground out to Gil.

  13. smartelf says:

    Valtnin to lead things off for the Reds in the 8th inning.

  14. Red Hot Mama says:

    Casey Blake’s middle name should be “Flynn”

  15. smartelf says:

    Valentin with a feeble swing and miss, strike 3.. a fan audibly found that one very amusing.

  16. smartelf says:

    Machado draws the walk and HEEEERE’s BUBBA!

  17. smartelf says:

    Bubba strikes out at a ball in the dirt. Gil now at the plate. We need something here!

  18. Red Hot Mama says:

    Javy must have used up all his fluids with that leap. Get the man an IV! :hehe:

  19. smartelf says:

    Called strike 3.
    JD Martin struck out 3 that inning.

  20. smartelf says:

    A poor showing by the Reds, no doubt about it. Well at least the question about what to do with Bailey is put to rest now.

  21. smartelf says:

    Kerry Ligtenberg is the Reds 8th pitcher on the day.

  22. Red Hot Mama says:

    Arroyo wasn’t bad, so that’s nice. Too bad about Bailey, but he’s probably better off in Louisville anyway. No need to make a Ryan Wagner out of him.

  23. smartelf says:

    Line drive over Gil. Loud Indians fans located right near Steve Stewart… very annoying.

  24. smartelf says:

    Some other good numbers… scoreless inning for hermanson, Salmon… 2 scoreless innings for Shackelford, 1 2/3 scoreless for Santos.

  25. smartelf says:

    Ligtenberg gives up a long double off the wall, runners at 2nd and 3rd nobody out.

  26. Zeldink says:

    Already in the 9th, huh? Fast game.

    And again I’m forced to leave my computer before the game’s finished. Ah well. Maybe they can be successful in coming back this time?

    Hmm, the Indians scoring doesn’t help that.

    Have a good one, everybody.

  27. smartelf says:

    Sac Fly. 7-2.

  28. smartelf says:

    L8r Zeldink!

  29. smartelf says:

    Strikeout. Ligtenberg can maybe escape with minimal damage.

  30. smartelf says:

    Wise guns a runner out at the plate. Ligtenberg got real lucky to only give up 1 run that inning.

  31. smartelf says:

    So bottom of the 9th Reds trail by 5 runs.
    Playing Journey on the P.A.: “Don’t stop Believin…”

  32. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sweet. Go Wise!

    Who’s up for the Reds?

  33. smartelf says:

    Wise leads things off.

  34. smartelf says:

    Tony Sipp a 45th round draft pick on the hill for the Tribe.

  35. smartelf says:

    Jorgensen draws a walk… I am not sure what Wise did, but I am thinking maybe a K. Norris Hopper now at-bat.

  36. smartelf says:

    Single to LF. Denorfia up.

  37. smartelf says:

    Sorry Shack pitched 2/3 of a scoreless inning.. I said 2 innings .. I should have known that wasn’t right.

  38. Redsfan68 says:

    grapefruit league rally cap on !

  39. BubbaFan says:

    Wise went down swinging.

  40. smartelf says:

    Base hit to LF… hold the runner at 3rd. bases loaded for Bellhorn!

  41. smartelf says:

    Bellhorn ahead in the count 3-1…

  42. smartelf says:

    he walks Bellhorn! Tying run at the plate, its the LLM!

  43. smartelf says:

    Score is 7-3, bases loaded 1 out…Javier valentin at the plate.
    Swing and a miss, he was going for a big fly!

  44. smartelf says:

    Fouled back, 1-2 count.

  45. smartelf says:

    Full count… Swing and a miss on high heat.

    Last hope is Janish.

  46. smartelf says:

    Fouled back, 2-2 count

  47. Red Hot Mama says:

    Gah! He should have leapt!

    Go Janish!