May 30, 2012

Reds’ Frazier saves choking man

I can joke about it because the guy survivedIt’s not usually Pittsburgh where you talk about choking. That’s more of a Chicago thing.

Apparently one guy didn’t get that message yesterday when he inhaled a “monster piece” of steak at a downtown restaurant and found himself on the receiving end of the Heimlich Maneuver administered by none other than Todd Frazier. From John Fay’s story:

“We’re just eating there, talking,” Frazier said. “I looked in the corner of my eye. I said, ‘Ludwick, I think that guy’s choking.’ Next thing I know there’s two ladies one on each side, trying to pop it out…I ran over there and said, ‘let me try it.’ I tried it twice. It popped out. It was monster piece.”

It just goes to show: never send two civilian women to do a major league third baseman’s job. My favorite quote, though, was the one at the end:

“It was weird. We just went back to eating. He went back to eating too. I don’t know if I could have.”

Which begs the question: did he eat the piece that got lodged in his throat? Because he should have gotten it autographed.

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