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May 12, 2012

The 2012 Joey Votto Bobblehead

Tonight’s Cincinnati Reds’ game against the Washington Nationals will feature a 2012 Joey Votto bobblehead doll giveaway. Or as I’ve taken to calling it, the Vottohead doll.

The RHM crew will be there to get ours. Somehow, there are still some tickets left. I’d expect it to sell out. But arrive early. Only 25,000 will be given away.

May 12, 2012

Game 31: Nationals 7, Reds 3

Nationals (20-12)3121000007120
Reds (16-15)000110010390
W: Gonzalez (4-1) L: Leake (0-5)


Last night was the first #RedsTweetup game for the Cincinnati Reds, but the Reds lost badly to the Washington Nationals. I’m not sure what the Reds’ record is for these tweetup events, but I don’t remember the team winning either of the two I attended last year. Last nights’ loss could be seen coming from a mile away, though.

Mike Leake was the starter for the Reds, and the fact that he didn’t allow 6 runs in the first inning surprised me. He pitched horribly, allowing just 3 and getting lucky that some hard-hit balls just missed leaving the park. Leake did the reverse of a quality start, allowing 6 runs in 3 innings instead of 3 runs in 6. He allowed a run in each of his innings.

After that, the game was pretty much over. Six runs is hard to come back from, especially when the bullpen allowed a 7th run in the 4th.

The offense did threaten to make the game interesting. They loaded the bases twice. In the fifth inning, both Jay Bruce and Scott Rolen failed to deliver. And in the 8th, pinch-hitter Chris Heisey popped out.

The team has lost the opening game to this series against a team that has dominated them so far this season. Mike Leake and Scott Rolen continue to struggle mightily. Leake with his 7.11 ERA and Rolen with his .174 average. If neither improves within the next week or two, expect a change for both of them.

The second game of the series is tonight at 7:10pm EDT. Mat Latos goes against Jordan Zimmerman for Joey Votto Bobblehead night.