September 14, 2006

What the Coach is Saying

Coaching Visit Revealed
“Now, watch out for this guy, Hensley. This fella's eyebrows are just as treacherous as yours.”

7 comments to “What the Coach is Saying”

  1. sukr says:

    Kinda looks like Jimmy Fallon, doesn’t he?

  2. jbsh56 says:

    The crack technical staff must sit back regularly in awe and bemusement at the craziness that spews from your mind. Thanks for sharing a little with the masses. I am guessing that if the milieu were sexual innuendo (It sounds like porn …) the proper phrase would be “shock and awe.”

    I spoke to someone on the phone yesterday, wants to drop off his tax documents; his return will include a rather uncommon form. After explaining the source of the phrase, I assured him our “crack technical staff” could take care of it.

  3. Joel says:

    sukr, if Hensley is Fallon, does that make LLM Horatio Sanz? If so, are they going to start laughing at something that’s not that funny and ruin the whole sketch, er, at bat?

  4. sukr says:

    Horatio Sanz, funny! No, ruining sketches was reserved for Jay Mohr, wasn’t it?

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    sukr and Joel — I’m afraid any skit with Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon was doomed from the get-go. To this day I can’t figure out what was supposed to be funny about the bit in the leather store.

    jbsh — It is an honor to think that I have influenced the non-baseball vernacular of my readership. Just think: if you were in a somewhat different line of work, you might have a Latin Love Machine to take care of your clients’ “uncommon forms.”

  6. sukr says:

    Hey, mob mentality, antics and original content are also now inveterate Red Reporter verbage. Starting to wield some serious influence, I’d say. Baby steps. 😉

    Damn, I’m a smart-ass, aren’t I? I’ll buy first round on 9/23 as penance, because I am penitent. 🙂

  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    Is that true? If so, that’s freakin’ awesome.

    And you know I’m all over anyone buying a round, penitent or otherwise.