September 15, 2006


I'd forgotten the Reds were playing until I happened upon the page this afternoon. I started up the Gameday and saw the score: down four early again, I see. Ugh.

Who gave those up? I wondered. I skimmed back through the play-by-play of the fourth inning, but couldn't find where the Cubs scored. Hm. A lot of times, stuff is missing from the Gameday, but I could see all three outs…

“Oh!” I actually exclaimed out loud in my silent office as I realized that it was actually the Reds up by four. What the hell do you know?

2 comments to “Oh!”

  1. KittyDuran says:

    What??? No mention of Arroyo pitching well? You’re slippin’ RHM… [ha!] 😉

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Semi-amusing story about the pitching that day: I had gotten confused about who was starting and thought it was Michalak. Once I realized the Reds were ahead, my thought was, “Great! The kid’s having a good game.” Then I noticed who was actually pitching, and my thought was, “Great. He [em]would[/em] have to have a good game.”

    Lots of confusion about that game for me, apparently.