September 26, 2006

Busy Day

It's been one of those crazy days where I've hardly had a moment between activities, and now I'm exhausted without so much as a single post for the day (though I guess, technically, the podcast was from today). I have a bunch of photos and a description of the Day After Blogger Day, so there's that to look forward to, assuming I can find the energy to put them together after Special Olympics volleyball tomorrow.

OK, pause. Deep breath. I'm better.

I did make an appearance on The Big League Baseball Report today, so you can check that out if you just can't go a solid day without the sound of my voice. Joel gets mentioned again, though I don't call him a woman this time.

Now I'm going to bed. Well, maybe after I see whether Snax can hold the deficit for the Cards.

UPDATE 11:13 pm: That's the ballgame and the Reds are now just 2 1/2 games back of the Cardinals. The Astros are just 1 1/2. It's nice to see the Cardinals change things up and choke BEFORE the postseason for a change.

2 comments to “Busy Day”

  1. Joel says:

    This obsession you have with me is getting unhealthy. If I hear my name on Ken Broo’s show, I may have to request a restraining order.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Why would I mention you on Ken Broo’s show? You don’t even have a blog! 😛