September 26, 2006

Episode 24: Blogger Day and Other Stuff

This week I made the Crack Technical Staff, who is still shaking off the bug he had this weekend, get back out of bed to record and edit the podcast. That's dedication, baby.

We ramble on about:

  • Blogger weekend
  • The implications of winning the four-game series against the Cubs
  • Belisle going up against the Marlins tomorrow
  • The final series with Pittsburgh
  • The end of the season
  • Appearing on Ken Broo's program, Sports Rock, and the other cool stuff Ken Broo does
  • Appearing on the Big League Baseball Report tomorrow

Keep those calls coming to the Red Hot Mama Line at (513) 729-7106. Or rather, start those calls coming to the Red Hot Mama Line. I'm tired of just getting vague pick up lines from guys who don't realize I'm not a phone escort.

Episode 24: Blogger Day and Other Stuff (13.5 MB, 19:43)

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2 comments to “Episode 24: Blogger Day and Other Stuff”

  1. Joel says:

    First of all, not a woman. You’ll pay for that one, unless I forget. 😛

    Secondly, it was free tacos! We win free tacos if the Reds make 10 errors. It’s in the very fine print on the tickets.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    That’s right you’re not a woman. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do yet, girl.