March 3, 2007

Spring Training Game Thread 3/3 Twins vs Reds at Sarasota

We get our first look at Aaron Harang this spring training today as he goes up against the visiting Twins. Now that Kyle Lohse has taken Torii Hunter out of the picture, this ought to be easy, right?

Speaking of Lohse, they said that he came out of yesterday's game with a mild hamstring strain, not emotional shaken-upness like I first thought. Either way, here's hoping he's OK.

106 comments to “Spring Training Game Thread 3/3 Twins vs Reds at Sarasota”

  1. smartelf says:

    Well, its garbage time. I am taking a shower. Talk to you l8r Bubba and Zeldink. This one is quite a laugher at this point. ENJOY!

  2. BubbaFan says:

    Bubba was pegged by the Yankees as “great glove, no bat.” Not really fair, IMO; I think he could be a good contact hitter, given enough at-bats. But the Yankees were not interested in contact hitters. They rely on the nuclear option: sluggers. (Which is one reason they’ve tanked in the post-season lately, IMO. Slugging is not the way to win in the post-season.)

    So Torre kept going with Womack, hoping he’d find his stroke. He gave Womack 65 games in the outfield. The Yankees ended up in a tie with the Red Sox for the division title. The last month was exhausting and brutal, like a month-long playoff. Every game was life or death. I can’t help thinking that if Torre had given Bubba those 65 games in the outfield, it wouldn’t have been so close. The Yankees would not have been as fatigued in the post-season, and Torre would have been able to set up his pitching rotation.

    And if Bubba had gotten more playing time, Sheffield would have been used to his speed and aggressiveness, and would not have run into him during Game 5 against the Angels. That play cost them the game and the series, and ended their post-season.

  3. BubbaFan says:

    LOL! Gameday for some reason is playing the sound of a ringing phone for the Reds game “home” feed.

    The “away” feed is working, though. Bubba gets on base with a single. Walk gets him to 2B. He scores from 2B on a single. It’s now 11-1.

  4. smartelf says:

    I wonder if that means Brantley and Brennaman abandoned their posts? i couldn’t blame them if they did.

  5. BubbaFan says:

    It seems to be working again. Or working for some people, anyway.

    Holy geez. The Reds now have 23 hits…

  6. BubbaFan says:

    It’s getting ugly. The Reds lead 14-1. 25 hit. They’ve batted around in the 8th.