March 4, 2007

Spring Training Game Thread 3/4 Reds vs Pirates at Bradenton; Part 1

Much to my surprise, the Reds scheduled a game with the Pirates today at 10 a.m. I can't find any way to find out what's going on with the game, but I hate not to have a game thread up since I've been enjoying them so much lately.

UPDATED 11:06 a.m.
I'm finding this whole situation very confusing, but from what I can put together, the “B” game, which is of course happening first, is what's going on right now in a secondary field at McKechnie Field in Bradenton. Bronson Arroyo was scheduled to start, but he's “sick” (i.e. didn't want to get up this early) so Michael Gosling is going instead.

You can try your hand at figuring out what's going on at C. Trent's site if you're so inclined.

No one is covering this game for the media. It's a six-inning affair, but there should be some actual coverage for the one at 1 p.m.

28 comments to “Spring Training Game Thread 3/4 Reds vs Pirates at Bradenton; Part 1”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Well, this is a good way to see which players’ human league profiles I haven’t written yet. I probably won’t do one for Bellhorn unless he’s with the team long-term, and I’ll certainly get around to Bailey sooner or later, but it’s sort of surprising that I don’t already have them for Hatteberg and Castro.

    Anyone got dirt on them?

  2. BubbaFan says:

    I’m confused. says Bailey is starting the late game.

    But Trent thinks he’s starting the early game.

    Or maybe Trent is confused, too, and doesn’t realize there are two games…

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ack! I know nothing sitting here in my office in Indiana! We need media coverage we can count on!

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Trent posted an update:

    [quote]Freel didn’t make the trip, Bubba Crosby is in the leadoff spot, playing right. Hamilton is in center.

    Bronson Arroyo was sick and scratched from the 10 a.m. “B” game, Michael Gosling started instead.

    He also says he won’t be able to give much play by play today, because he’s got a deadline. 🙁

  5. BubbaFan says:

    Well, Trent answered my question. The lineup he posted was for the “A” game, at 1pm.

    Nobody’s covering the “B” game, now that Arroyo won’t be there.

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m still confused. So, Bubba’s leading off the game at 1p.m.?

  7. BubbaFan says:

    Yes, I think he means Bubba will be leading off in the late game (the “A” game).

    But I’m not sure he’s got the Pirates lineup right. Yesterday, reported that Chac would be starting in the “B” game, at 10am. Trent might have the wrong lineup for the Pirates. Or the Pirates might have changed their starters.

    I’m so confused…

  8. smartelf says:

    I wonder if “da man” came down hard on Trent after that most juvenile of blog entries yesterday… sounds like he is all business now.

    I agree I think Arroyo is a late sleeper and wants no part of these B game shenanigans.. it is beneath a star of his stature… may they can work him into the A game later. I hope his feathers aren’t ruffled that he didn’t get the start. Narron joked that he thinks Arroyo volunteered for the 10 o clock game because he thought it meant 10 in the evening… I thought that was sarcasm but now I am not so sure.

  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    OK, I think I’ve got it now. He does fine reporting the story after the fact, but C. Trent’s got a lot to learn about giving play-by-play! 😀

    So, I wonder how our alphabetically challenged B team is doing. Surely they’ve hit a few homers by now, right?

  10. smartelf says:

    I don’t have any dirt on Hatte, I just remember he started off as a catcher in the Red Sox organization and as such he was a pretty good fantasy draft pick for the middle rounds, but as soon as they moved him to 1B he lost all fantasy value because that is a stacked position. If a guy doesn’t deliver you at least 30 dingers and 90 RBIs at 1B he is considered sub-par. That is why I never understood the rationale for giving Casey 8 million or whatever it was. hatteberg does about the same thing at a fraction of the cost, albeit he is not as media friendly as Casey.

  11. Red Hot Mama says:

    I don’t know; it’s the most talked-about blog entry C. Trent’s ever written. And it was only mildly creepy, not enough to get the paper in actual trouble.

    I’m sure Arroyo agrees with you when you say that he’s too big a star to have to get up so early. :rolleyes:

  12. smartelf says:

    Yea I was only kidding about C. Trent… got give the guy a little grief over that lovey dovey stuff, don’t we? “There’s no falling in love in baseball!”

    I wasn’t really kidding about Arroyo, and yes I was looking at it from his perspective. 😉

  13. BubbaFan says:

    We don’t even know who’s playing in the “B” game. Though Trent did say that Dickerson, last seen spraining his ankle while stepping on the LLM’s foot, might play in it.

  14. smartelf says:

    I see Bellhorn is showing off his versatility by getting the start at 3B in the A game. I am starting to see the writing on the wall here… this guy is gonna make the club as a utility infielder. Maybe Bronson (former teammate) put in the good word for him.

  15. smartelf says:

    And if that happens I don’t see the Reds carrying Moeller.

  16. smartelf says:

    Why? Someone is going to ask from the peanut gallery. Because Javy was also the #3 1B on the depth chart… but if Bellhorn makes the club Javy won’t see any time at 1B which would reduce the need to carry 3 catchers. They could still pinch hit him in the 9th inning or later using Freel or Hatteberg as emergency back-up catcher at that point. Moeller was iffy to begin with but if Bellhorn makes the club he is the odd man out.

  17. Red Hot Mama says:

    I dunno, man, I doubt they were planning to give Javy any time at 1B anyway (though he’s not bad there for a tiny little guy).

  18. BubbaFan says:

    Trent doesn’t think Moeller will be on the opening day roster.

    And I guess if Freel is going to be the starting RFer (or CFer), they need another utility man…

  19. smartelf says:

    I am not saying javy was going to get time at 1B.. but you have to pencil somebody in on the depth chart, and he is #3 unless Bellhorn makes the club. Obviously you don’t see much action at #3 on the depth chart…but then again Conine already looks creaky so who knows.

  20. BubbaFan says:

    Trent reports that the Reds won the “B” game, 5-0.

  21. Red Hot Mama says:

    How can Moeller NOT be on the roster? They didn’t sign him to a split contract, he’s [url=]guaranteed[/url].

    I mean, are you thinking they’re going to release him? I don’t know what the amount of the contract was, but presumably not too much.

  22. Red Hot Mama says:

    Woo-hoo! Go B Reds!

  23. BubbaFan says:

    They could trade him, couldn’t they? I assume he doesn’t have a NT.

  24. smartelf says:

    He got a minimum contract. My guess is he was an insurance policy in case something unforseen happened, and also it gave Narron the option of breaking camp with 3 catchers if he felt that was best. It’s just a minimum contract its no big deal, RHM. I doubt anyone wants him in a trade but sure they could theoretically trade him for a player to be named or cash or whatever.

  25. Red Hot Mama says:

    Krivsky didn’t talk like it was an insurance policy at the time. Hopefully someone’s talked him down from the 3-catchers idea.

  26. smartelf says:

    Gawd, I hate when people get hysterical about these minor signings. Everyone got all bent outta shape when Moeller was signed and it is no big deal whether or not he makes this team. Its about filling the depth chart. If they sign no one and suddenly Javy pulls up lame in the South American world series, what do they do? Or if Ross tweaks soemthing a week before the season starts. THat is why Moeller is here and also yes, it gives them the option of carrying 3 catchers which would only be done if they wanted to give Javy more playing time, whether it be as a pinch hitter or a spare 1B (where they have used him on very rare occasion before). So again, let’s not get bent outta shape about Moeller… he is a bit player no one ever expected him to play a large role with this team.

  27. smartelf says:

    Krivsky said he is a guy that won’t complain and who knows his role. I.e. he is a scrub to be used in case of emergency. You want him to come right out and insult the guy like that? You have to read between the lines and not take everything so literally when it comes to these guys talking to the media. if they said everything exactly as they thought it, they’d be jerks.

  28. smartelf says:

    Also, if memory serves they got Moeller before trading for Conine… it is very possible Krivsky/Narron were entertaining the notion of giving Valentin some starts at 1B, platooning him with Hatteberg maybe part-time, and then using Moeller as a back up to Ross. It’s possible they were giving that idea some thought because they were not able to land a 1B via free agency… then they traded Conine so plans change.. but again, a minimum salary signing is not something that means you are locked in stone. It’s chump change and you have to expect a few guys to come and go for minimum salary in the course of a season.