March 12, 2007

Blue Jays at Reds 3/12

Lineups from C. Trent:

Jays, eh?
Clayton SS
Hill 2B
Overbay 1B
Glaus 3B
Zaun C
Thigpen DH
Griffin LF
Mottola RF
Duncan CF

Freel CF
Gonzalez SS
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Conine DH
Hatteberg 1B
Valentin C
Denorfia RF

He forgot to mention the starting pitchers, DOH!
Its Matt Belisle for the Reds and Gustavo Chacin for the Blue Birds.

125 comments to “Blue Jays at Reds 3/12”

  1. Zeldink says:

    Rohs – crantz.

    Just two syllables, not the three that I want it to be.

  2. smartelf says:

    Bellhorn strikes out, 7 innings are complete.

  3. smartelf says:

    For anyone who didn’t get my Spinal Tap “11” reference… or for those of you who did, here it is in all its hilarity at youTube:

    [url=]Spinal Tap 11[/url]

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Of course! Spinal Tap is a comedy standard!

    Thanks for the pronunciation lesson, Zeldink.

  5. smartelf says:

    Santos struck out that last batter and did good work today. Votto now up, bottom of the 8th.

  6. smartelf says:

    Votto called out on strikes.

  7. smartelf says:

    Moeller with a base hit.

  8. smartelf says:

    Olmedo makes a catch in short center than doubles off Moeller with a throw over to first. Top of the 9th, last chance for the Jays. Whose gonna close this thing?

  9. smartelf says:

    Burton walks the lead batter.

  10. smartelf says:

    C-Trent is ok. At least he echoed my opinion which I posted on his blog comments about Belisle belonging in a rotation. he should not be used in a relief role anymore.

  11. Red Hot Mama says:

    Olmedo was in center?

  12. smartelf says:

    Strike out! Here comes Ray-Ray…

  13. smartelf says:

    No it was shallow center…

  14. smartelf says:

    He ranged out to make the play…too shallow for the CFer.

    Another strike out! 2 outs.

  15. smartelf says:

    bouncer to second… Janish to Votto.

  16. Zeldink says:

    Reds win!

    Belisle’s now 3-0, and Jared Burton gets the save.

    Good pitching by the Reds. They’re going to force some hard decisions come cut-time.

  17. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sweet! Go Redlegs!

  18. Red Hot Mama says:

    Thanks for chatting up the game with me, guys. It made the afternoon at work much less interminable.

  19. smartelf says:

    Yea everyone came to play this spring. There will be no easy cuts from here on out… except for bellhorn.

  20. BubbaFan says:

    Well, it looks like Little Rey Rey has landed on his feet. They love his glove in Toronto. They may give him the chance the Reds wouldn’t.

  21. smartelf says:

    Reds are so deep a lot of people will be picking up the scraps… starting with little Ray Ray… loved that lil guy he was sweet.. he came thru ALOT in the clutch whether his overall numbers reflect that or not is irrelevant in my mind.

  22. nm7 says:

    Just got back from three days of spring training. I highly recommend it to all of you die hard Reds fans here. Saw three wins! Watched a lot of batting practice. Junior looked good. Got to see all of the starting pitchers take batting practice. The heckle each other more than the fans do. Only saw Homer in batting practice. Wilson and Belisle looked excellent. Bubba Crosby can hit the ball and should make the team.

    If you go to spring training, make sure you take a list of the minor league players. There are so many of them down there. It is hard to remember which ones were the higher draft picks. Definitely a place for the kids – they had a blast staying 6 hours a day at the ball park for three days!

    ps Ray Olmedo looked great yesterday. Made a great play at short!

  23. Red Hot Mama says:

    That is so awesome, nm7. Thanks for the write-up. 🙂

    We leave a week from Saturday for sunny Sarasota. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever!

  24. BubbaFan says:

    [quote]Bubba Crosby can hit the ball and should make the team.[/quote]

    Oh, I hope so. The competition is pretty stiff this year.

    Thanks for the spring training report. I love hearing that stuff.

    Trent mentioned that great play by Olmedo. He’s doing well with his new club.

  25. nm7 says:

    Bubba should definitely make it. We watched him at practice and in the games. He can definitely hit. I really don’t think Denorfia will make it. We definitely need some bats on the team!