March 14, 2007

Game Thread for 3/14 Reds Vs Rays

Courtesy of C.Trent.

Your Cincinnati Reds
Gonzalez SS
Hatteberg 1B
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Hamilton CF
Crosby RF
Ross C
Arroyo P

Their Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Rocco Baldelli CF
Carl Crawford LF
Delmon Young RF
Ty Wigginton 1B
Jorge Cantu 2B
Akinori Iwamura 3B
Brendan Harris SS
Josh Paul C
Edwin Jackson P

92 comments to “Game Thread for 3/14 Reds Vs Rays”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Heh, that’s funny. But I think I’d be more likely to write a love-letter to Steve. <3

  2. smartelf says:

    Botched pick off, Phillips steals second! I love that kid! Lightning in a bottle is what I call him.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    All-right! Steal for Phillips!

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Phillips is the awesome. Great on the field, and the most incredible smile. He’s totally idol-worship material.

    And now he’s coming in on EdE’s hit. w00t!

  5. smartelf says:

    base hit Encarnacion, Phillips scores… apparently Dunn moved him to 3rd on his AB… they are executing beautifully.

  6. smartelf says:

    Wild pitch, Encarnacion advances to 2B.

  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    It’s almost bedtime for the tot, so if I go silent for a while, it’s because I’m reading SpongeBob bedtime stories. Just to warn you in advance.

  8. smartelf says:

    Hamilton grounds out, Encarnacion advances to 3B… 2 down and Bubba at the dish.

  9. smartelf says:

    Spongebob rules! I like the Flying Dutchman character…hilarious!

  10. smartelf says:

    Full count. Seem slike Crosby is very good at laying off pitches outside the strikezone. Little dribbler on a check swing, out.

    Reds now leading 2-0 after 4 innings.

  11. BubbaFan says:

    The Tampa announcer noted that “Bubba doesn’t run like a Bubba.” LOL! Just how does a Bubba run?

  12. Red Hot Mama says:

    Like SpongeBob? Then you would LOVE our house. It seems like it’s on t.v. constantly. But for books, it’s not the favorite. We only get to the SpongeBob books when we’re out of Captain Underpants, Ready Freddy, Ricky Ricotta, and Pokemon.

    I can’t complain; at least we’ve moved on to books with chapters. The nightly Goodnight Moon routine was sweet, but got boring.

  13. smartelf says:

    Well you know they always make that joke about BIG BUBBA… as in, you don’t want to share a jail cell with Big Bubba.

  14. Red Hot Mama says:

    I think when I envision someone named “Bubba” I think of someone pretty chunky. He’s definitely not that!

  15. smartelf says:

    Nice, yea my kid is 7 yrs old, so it sounds like we’re pretty much in the same boat, though I am separated from his mom, so its less babyish when he is at my place… i sort of let him be more of a boy… we play a lot of fantasy RPG’s and I got him heroscape from Milton bradley and we are collecting all the expansion sets and figurines.

  16. BubbaFan says:

    My mom always gives “Goodnight Moon” as a gift to new mothers. I still remember her reading it to me. I liked finding the little mousie in each picture.

    Bubba gets a lot of abuse because of his name. A lot of Reds fans were apparently expecting him to report overweight, just because of his name. In NY, fans often assumed he was stupid, because of his name. He’s got a degree from Rice, the Harvard of the South, but since his name is Bubba, they think he’s dumb. Then there the people who think he should be a football player, and are surprised at how small he is. 😀

  17. smartelf says:

    Heroscape is advertised as “The War for Valhalla” or something like that. Horrifies his mom, but I love that stuff.

  18. smartelf says:

    If you are speaking about Reds fans on the official message board, they don’t count as fans.. they are a bunch of despicable trolls that have virtually nothing nice to say about anybody.

  19. Red Hot Mama says:

    Jon plays Lego Star Wars with him every night, which is pretty tame, but along the same lines. He likes the games that you complete, as opposed to first-person shooters (or anything with replayability!)

    My kid’s thing with Goodnight Moon was the clocks. I don’t know why he was obsessed with the clocks, but we had to find them in EVERY picture!

    I understand it’s tooth-brushing time. I’ll be back.

  20. Redsfan68 says:

    Bubba’s having a great spring; hopefully he doesn’t get lost in the Josh Hamilton exitement.

  21. smartelf says:

    Juan Castro 2-out stand up double.

    Yea my kid wanted Starwars Lego.. and the guy at the store said it was really good. that’s a Playstation game, right?

  22. smartelf says:

    Personally i don’t like first-person shooters either… I def. like a game where you complete levels, solve puzzles and hopefully develop your character… a nice story line is essential. The Heroscape thing is just a board game but its pretty cool, you build the terrain yourself and there are infinite possibilities and a lot of really cool creatures/figurines.

  23. smartelf says:

    Some guy is butchering the YMCA song… not that yo can really butcher it..but still he’s making an ass outta himself on the radio.

  24. smartelf says:

    1 out. Solo Home run allowed by Weathers.. it was Rocco Baldelli.

  25. smartelf says:

    Bellhorn walks… I am not sure what’s going on anymore BECAUSE I am packing for my trip.

  26. BubbaFan says:

    Hopper apparently crashed into Cantu. Out in interference? He’s limping.

  27. smartelf says:

    Homer now pitching.

  28. BubbaFan says:

    Homer’s in. And he hits Wiggy in the back.

  29. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m finally back. Tonight it was a book from the series “The Zack Files” in case you were wondering.

    What’s the score? And has Marc already been on?

  30. Red Hot Mama says:

    In the middle of the eighth, the Reds lead it 2-1. The CTS told me that Weathers gave up a solo shot, which I think he does with distressing regularity.

  31. BubbaFan says:

    2-1 pitchers’ duel. Weathers gave up a homer to Rocco.

  32. Red Hot Mama says:

    Juan is juan-for-juan tonight. :hehe:

    juan-for-two, now.

  33. BubbaFan says:

    I’m surprised it’s such a low-scoring game. My Bubba o-fer, and even The Natural is only 1 for 3.

  34. Red Hot Mama says:

    I was concerned because I thought I heard a child crying outside, and it’s pretty late for a kid to be outside crying. But I just realized (as did my cat) that’s it seems to be a catfight.

    Eerie, man. This is what having the windows open will get you.

    Are you listening to those dorks yell about the bingo game on the gamecast? People let the bingo go to their heads, I tell ya.

  35. Red Hot Mama says:

    I agree about the low-scoring deal, BF. The Reds must have used all their mojo for the Yankees. 🙂

  36. Red Hot Mama says:

    Are you gone already, Smartelf? Have a safe trip!

  37. smartelf says:


    Salmon pitched the 9th.

  38. BubbaFan says:

    I hear the yelling, but I can’t tell what it’s about. Some drunk guy has been yelling all night about all kinds of things.

    Cats can sound amazingly like babies sometimes.

  39. Red Hot Mama says:

    And this one belongs to the Reds. 1-2 over the Devil Rays.


  40. BubbaFan says:

    So that’s, what, 12 games in a row the Rays have lost?

  41. smartelf says:

    I leave in about 5 1/2 hours actually… chat with you folks tomorrow!

  42. Red Hot Mama says:

    Thanks for coming by, smartelf (and everyone). Have a good trip.

    As for the Rays, the [url=]standings page[/url] does indeed show them 1-12. Whether those 12 were in a row, I don’t know, but either way. Yeouch.

    Last in the NL is the Nationals with 4-8, thought they’re statistically tied with the Marlins and Mets at 5-10 apiece.

    Not important, I know, but it’s March 14. What else are we going to obsess on?