March 15, 2007

ST Game 14: Reds 1, Pirates 13

Yikes! That's no kind of good line score to tune in for while taking a break at work.

Here's the line-up:
Norris Hopper CF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Brandon Phillips 2B
Jeff Conine 1B
Chris Denorfia LF
Jerry Gil 3B
Dewayne Wise RF
Chad Moeller C
Kirk Saarloos P

Looks like Saarloos gave up five of those runs in the first four innings, and Mike Stanton provided four more in the fifth. Paul Wilson allowed the remaining four in the two and two-thirds innings starting in the sixth and ending most of the way through the eighth.

As the CTS said, Saarloos' line happens to everyone occasionally, but what the heck, Stanton?And, does this improve Matt Belisle's shot at making the rotation?

I hope the team that plays at 7 tonight plans to do a little better.

4 comments to “ST Game 14: Reds 1, Pirates 13”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    11-0 after six. Paul Wilson, unfortunately, was next in line to be scored upon.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    13-1 after 8. The linescore shows it’s the ninth, but the boxscore has already declared Saarloos the loser, so I’m thinking the game is over.

    Wilson gave up two more before his 2.2 innings were up for a total of four runs allowed.

  3. smartelf says:

    If Livingston has a good start in the night-cap it could be a 2-horse race for the #5 slot… I figured Saarloos was gonna start in the pen anyhow…

    And I was greeted by a nice freezing rain upon my arrival this morning in Cincinnati.

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Well, that was ugly. 😛

    I think we can pencil in Belisle for 5th starter…