March 31, 2007

ST Game 28: Devil Rays 4, Reds 5

Ryan Freel on the basepath

The regulars were out of the game earlier than usual, but got the job done before they left in this 0-5 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Friday.

What, does Adam Dunn stink or something?

Matt Belise got the start, or rather, the first start of the game. His line isn't so hot for just two and two thirds innings, allowing three runs (two earned) and a walk on five hits. But he did strike out four, including the batter immediately prior to his being pulled. The crowd was a mite confused.

Kirk Saarloos gets a try

But in came in Kirk Saarloos, who perhaps was getting an audition. His line looks better: zero runs on one hit in two and a third. To be fair, though, the further you get into a spring training game, the easier it is.

Everyone wants Josh Hamilton to succeed

Rheal Cormier, David Weathers, Mike Stanton, and Jared Burton also each got an inning apiece. Cormier was the only one to allow a run. Honestly, is he trying to hurt his trade value?

Bubba Crosby at the bat

The first inning was fun. Even when the Reds have won these spring training games, it doesn't feel like they've strung together a lot of offense consecutively. John Fay has an odd take on the inning:

Ryan Freel singled. Adam Dunn popped out bunting (maybe the No. 2 spot is going to his head). Brandon Phillips singled. Ken Griffey Jr. singled in Freel. Juan Castro, in the lineup because Edwin Encarnación is sick, doubled in Phillips and Griffey. Scott Hatteburg doubled in Castro. Alex Gonzalez singled in Hatteberg. Chad Moeller then mercifully ended the inning by grounding into a double play.

“Mercifully”?? The Reds were doing well! How jaded to you have to be to this game to complain about this inning? Oh, please stop the bleeding! I just can't take any more scoring by my own team!!

I guess that's why he's a reporter and not a fan.

Brandon Phillips and his smile

Personally, I thought it was great. It's always nice to see the Reds walk away with a victory. The win brings the Reds' spring training record to 18-10. They'll play the Florida Marlins today in Dayton at 2 pm.

Reds win!

4 comments to “ST Game 28: Devil Rays 4, Reds 5”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    Ooh, a Bubba pic. Looks like he’s gone back to the high pants.

    Did they make him shave and cut his hair, now that he’s a Bat?

    There are actually two games today. They’re doing the split-squad thing, which the Yanks never do, so I have little understanding of. But half the team will be playing the Marlins in Dayton, and half the team will be playing the Jays in Dunedin.

    I, of course, am wondering whether Bubba will play, and which game if he does. (Both are being broadcast on Gameday audio.)

  2. BubbaFan says:

    P.S. Hey…I just noticed Bubba’s wearing his big-league jersey. The day before, he was wearing a minor league jersey. Number 84, no name on the back. Did he just not bother to change uniforms Thursday (since he played for the Bats in an afternoon game)?

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    I meant to mention the thing about the jersey. I’m not sure why he was wearing the little number, but the numbers can’t mean too much, since they send out multiple players with the same number all the time.

    Still, may it portend good things.

    As for the split squad, I was under the impression that it was the single-A Reds playing in Dunedin. Probably not, though, if it’s being broadcast.

  4. BubbaFan says:

    It may well end up being mostly the single-A Reds. 😉

    As I understand it, declaring them split-squad games means they are exempt from the rule about having a certain number of first-stringers.