January 24, 2006

More Moves in the Reds Front Office

Former Expos and Orioles general manager Jim Beattie started as special advisor to owner Bob Castellini today. Beattie is one of the potential candidates for the GM position, along with our own interim GM, Brad Kullman.

Redleg Nation linked to a two part interview with Kullman on Baseball Prespectus. I didn't read it all, but I was very surprised to see someone from the Reds organization actually give details. It was sort of…thrilling. Like being let in on a big secret. Ooh!

Just for that, he has my early support.

Speaking of Reds General Managers, Dan O'Brien offered his final words about his tenure with Cincinnati to the media today. You can read them over here. As far as parting shots go, they're not parting shots at all. Did he storm about losing his job at all or is O'Brien really this mature? Perhaps he should consider a career as a high school guidance counsellor; he's got the patience for it and he's certainly used to taking the crap.

In other Reds news, former Reds pitcher Ted Power joined the management as the organization's Pitching Rehabilitation Coordinator. I've never heard of a Pitching Rehabilitation Coordinator, but if there's one team that needs one, it's the Reds. Plus, Power provides the ever-important opportunities for headline puns, so this is clearly an all-around good move.

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