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January 21, 2006

New Reds Owner Continues to Introduce Himself

CINCINNATI, OH -- Less than 24 hours after the press conference to introduce new team ownership, the Reds' new CEO Bob Castellini hosted the press in his office this afternoon.

“Thank you for being here again,” began Castellini. “Our goal here today is to demonstrate how very seriously we take our our dedication to timely communication with the fan base. We take it very, very seriously.”

“I want to make a promise today to Reds fans wherever you are -- a promise from one fan to another -- we will bring championship baseball to Cincinnati. This is just our second day on the job,” Castellini said.

When someone pointed out that it was actually his third day on the job, Castellini was embarrassed.

“That's even worse than when I forgot to count the A's and Dodgers as teams who won more World Series than the Reds,” Castellini said. “But not quite as bad as when I said that we'd contend this year with $60 million in payroll.”

Mathematics aside, there wasn't much for Castellini to report since yesterday. He reiterated some of his key points.

“We are still very excited about the new role John Allen will be playing with the organization. Not only does he have a solid plan for maximizing the business potential for the club, but he also has visionary ideas for the direction of the organization as a whole,” said Castellini.

“And O'Brien will be there too.” Castellini mumbled.

The next press conference is in the works but hasn't been scheduled as of yet.

“Look for Reds employees asking for your opinion of when we should hold another one,” Castellini said.