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January 23, 2006

Reds Relieve General Manager

Dan O'Brien This morning new Reds owner Bob Castellini relieved general manager Dan O'Brien of his duties. Brad Kullman, Reds Director of Major League Operations, will serve as interim general manager while a search for a new general manager takes place.

Castellini explained the move, saying “I want someone in this job who is my choice,” so it seems unlikely that Kullman will remain at the post long-term. However, Castellini was careful to point out in his press conference this afternoon that a full general manager search will take 3-4 weeks and may not be complete before spring training.

Castellini and Co., who were just approved to buy the team on Thursday, certainly aren't dragging their feet getting things done. Other fixtures in the Reds organization are probably feeling insecure these days, but Castellini foreshadowed this move in his introductory press conference on Friday. Dan O'Brien scarcely garnered a mention in that speech.

Reds fans everywhere are ecstatic. Dan O'Brien was a widely maligned figure in Cincinnati baseball. And I admit, it's hard not to get swept up in the excitement of something happening. I'm not one to confuse motion with progress, however, and I'll reserve judgement on whether this was a good move until we meet the replacement.

My most immediate question is whether O'Brien will be replaced on the Reds Caravan stop in Indianapolis on Thursday. All of the questions I'd formulated were directed at him.

Thanks Marc for the always-excellent timely blogging.