Daily Archives: January 7, 2006

January 7, 2006

Georginator 6000 XL version 1

George Grande I think January is a tough time for the die-hard Reds fan. You miss the beer and nachos. You miss the summer sun glinting off the barges floating down the Ohio River. And, admit it, you miss the dulcet tones of George Grande doing the play-by-play.

Well, my friend, I'm pleased to present to you the Georginator 6000 XL to help get you through these wintry days. The Georginator 6000 XL provides sound clips of plays from Reds games that you can put together to feel like you're really at the ballpark.

You may need to upgrade Flash to play the Georginator 6000 XL. Get the latest version here. Countless thanks to my crack technical staff, who created the Georginator 6000 XL essentially all by himself.

Use the Georginator 6000 XL.