Daily Archives: January 15, 2006

January 15, 2006

Reds Sign Valentín and Peña

Javier Valentín: Latin Love Machine

Marc says that the Reds signed catcher Javier Valentín this morning:

The Reds have avoided arbitration with Javier Valentin and signed him to a one-year, $1.15 million deal.

With Jason LaRue's signing just before Christmas, the Reds have brought back the most productive catcher duo in the majors (.268, 28 HR, 110 RBI between them) for just over $5 million this season. They made $3.45 million last year, so the Reds really couldn't have asked for more when it comes to the finances.

And before we knew it, they'd also signed Wily Mo Peña for a year for $1.25 million.

No word yet on why these are huge mistakes by O'Brien, but I'm confident that someone soon will come up with a reason. I imagine it will be something along the lines of “We shouldn't be wasting time signing yet another catcher when what we really need is pitchers” for Valentín and “We don't need crybaby players who whine to the press when they're unhappy about playing time” for Peña.

January 15, 2006

Rose to Fill in at Kissing Booth

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Pete Rose has volunteered to fill in at the kissing booth left vacant by Adam Dunn this weekend for 50 percent of the proceeds.

The kissing booth was intended to be a fundraising event held in coordination with Cory Lidle's Celebrity Poker Tournament this weekend. Dunn was scheduled to man the booth Monday morning but said he backed out of the event because “nerdy guys started lining up” days in advance of his appearance.

Rose, who is in town anyway autographing memorabilia in a local shopping mall, is not concerned about the masculine contingent joining the queue at the kissing booth.

“I don't mind the men,” said Rose, “because I get to charge them more.”

Rose will man the booth from 7 to 11 a.m. Monday in the lobby of The Paris hotel. The charge is $250 for women and $500 for men. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation while the rest will cement Rose's legacy as a sad, sad man.

January 15, 2006

So THIS is How it Feels to be a Cardinals Fan

Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers' repeated efforts to give away the game in the fourth quarter, the Colts demonstrated their superior choking ability this afternoon with an 18-21 loss in Indianapolis.

There are going to be some really bummed out people at work on Tuesday. But at least New England lost, too.