May 8, 2012

10,000 days since Marge Schott’s reign began

In a minor Cincinnati Reds historical item, The Hardball Times notes that it was 10,000 days ago today that Marge Schott became the majority owner of the Reds.

It was a tumultuous and, ultimately, mostly embarrassing time in the Reds’ history. Yes, they won the 1990 World Series, but that may have been despite Schott, given her reluctance to hire scouts and black players.

What’s interesting, is that Schott was initially a fairly popular owner. She’d make herself publicly visible during games and talk to fans. She kept the concessions prices low, and even kept the seat prices as low as she could. She always loved children and throughout her entire adult life was very active in charity foundations for children.

Mainly, I see a large streak of provincialism here; a streak many others share but those who are so provincial rarely have as much public stature of money that Schott had. Or if they are, they’re not so vocal about it.

Thankfully, those days of controversy where the team’s owner took up more headlines than the actual team are in the past. And it’s taken a while, but the Reds’ have rebuilt their scouting department into one that is supplying some mighty fine major league talent. The team has definitely come a long way since the ’80s.

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