May 22, 2012

Daily Brief: The guy who caught two home runs in a row

Last Game
The Reds beat the Braves 1-5. Mike Leake finally got a win, plus his first career home run. If ever Dusty was going to let a guy bat and then replace him in the defensive part of the inning, this is the guy to do it with. But, no, Dusty didn’t do that with Leake last night.

Next Game
The series with the Braves at Great American Ball Park continues tonight at 7:10 p.m. Mat Latos (2-2, 4.63 ERA) takes on Brandon Beachy (5-1, 1.33 ERA) in a matchup that does not favor him as well as Leake’s did last night. At least the bullpen is rested.

Give that Guy an Honorary Contract
Unusual enough to get back to back home runs out of your pitcher and lead-off hitter, but to have both of those home run balls caught by the same guy is something Hollywood would make up.

And yet, 20-year old Caleb Lloyd, a Thomas More College student, was the lucky recipient of both of those home run balls. You can catch the video here (HT Cincinnati Reds Blog).

Lost in all this stroke of lightning talk is the fact that these were just the first two of three back-to-back-to-back home runs.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The guy going against Latos tonight has the best ERA for a starter in all of baseball. He has Johnny Cueto beat by 0.64.

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