August 22, 2012

Hamilton breaks steals record (video)

Last Game
The Reds won a real nail-biter against the Phillies last night. Every inning either team scored changed the lead. Homer Bailey had a real strong outing against an offense that had its way with the pitching the night before, and it was a Zack Cozart homer in the top of the ninth that put the team over the top.

This was a fun one to watch, and it sure is nice not to have to worry about being swept in a 4-game series anymore. Final score: Reds 5, Phillies 4.

Next Game
The Reds are in for another tough game tonight. The Phillies’ starting pitcher, Vance Worley (RHP, 6-8, 4.11 ERA), doesn’t quite have the name recognition of the last two, but the Reds’ starting pitcher, Bronson Arroyo (RHP, 9-7, 3.96 ERA), has a notoriously tough time against Philadelphia. According to the Gameday preview, he has a 10.28 ERA in his last six starts against them.

Billy Hamilton Steals the Record

Billy Hamilton, who plays for the Reds’ AA affiliate Pensacola Blue Wahoos, tied and broke the professional baseball record for stolen bases last night. I guess he’ll be breaking the record with every steal from here on out.

The record had stood for 29 years. Vince Coleman stole 145 in 1983. Hamilton is currently at 147 and going strong.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds are on pace for 98 wins this season. They haven’t won that many games in a season since 1976, when they won 102. In 2010, they won 91.

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