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August 30, 2012

Game 132: Reds 6, Diamondbacks 2

W: Latos (11-4) L: Corbin (5-6)


Heisey gets high fives after one of his two home runs. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)The Reds completed the sweep of the Diamondbacks yesterday afternoon.

Mat Latos pitched a beauty for the Reds. In 7.0 innings of work he allowed 2 runs (earned) on 5 hits and 3 walks. He struck out 7.

J.J. Hoover pitched the eighth inning and struck out 2 of the 3 batters he faced. Not so much as a baserunner: you’ve gotta love that. Jose Arredondo did allow a baserunner in the ninth inning, but that wasn’t nearly enough for the Diamondbacks.

The offense put on a show like we haven’t seen in a while. The home run hitters were large and in charge. Chris Heisey hit a 2-run shot in the seventh, followed by a solo shot from Dioner Navarro. In the eighth inning, Brandon Phillips hit a 2-run dinger, followed by Heisey again. Plus, Latos went 2-for-3. I love to see the pitcher helping himself out at the plate.

The win puts the Reds’ record at 80-52. They need just one more win to ensure a .500 season. They won’t get it today, though: the boys in red are taking the day off. They’ll be back tomorrow to play the Astros in Houston.

August 30, 2012

Getting personal with Todd Frazier

Last Game
The Reds kicked some Diamondback butt yesterday afternoon, sweeping the three-game series. They’re the first team to reach 80 wins, and the Nationals and the Rangers, who are tied for the second-most wins in baseball, only have 77.

Mat Latos bounced back nicely, allowing 2 hits and striking out 7 in 7.0 innings of work. And the home run bats suddenly woke up, too. Three Reds hit home runs: Dioner Navarro, Brandon Phillips, and Chris Heisey hit 2.

Next Game
The Reds have today off. Funny how it doesn’t feel as much like they needed it after a sweep, but at least they’re going into their travel day on a high note.

ESPN Helps Me Google-Stalk Todd Frazier
Todd Frazier after he hit a home run in the little league Word Series. AP Photo/Rusty KennedyThere was a nice, meaty story about Todd Frazier on ESPN.com yesterday. It talks about the normal stuff, like his unorthodox swing and his rookie-of-the-year chances, but it also covers some more personal details that we often don’t really get about the players.

For example, did you know that there’s a sandwich named after him in his home town of Toms River, NJ? Or that he played in the Little League World Series (pictured)? Or that he’s getting married to former Rutgers gymnast Jackie Verdon in December?

Well, now there’s an interesting tidbit. Google “Jackie Verdon” and on the very first page of results is the couple’s wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So, the next time you think champagne flutes would be the perfect way to thank Frazier for getting the offense going or even if you’d just like to try to finagle an autograph via a thank you card, you can find something to send the happy couple.

If they get everything on this list, they’re going to need a freakin’ wing of the house to store all the crystal. I didn’t even know there were two different sizes of blended Scotch tumblers. Must be the sort of thing you need to be a gymnast to know.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Joey Votto got a hit last night in his second rehab game with the Dayton Dragons. In the first game he’d walked and struck out.